only love

Written by: Jordan Dickinson

Close your eyes and fall asleep
Hold me tight go down so deep
Don't you worry about fearful dreams
I'll promise you safety with blissful gleams
I'll hold you tight and give you life
I'll take away your horrid strife
Don't you worry, now don't you cry
Loving you is easy, no need to try
Slip your fingers in tight with mine 
I'll look into your eyes, oh so fine
Put your hand on my heart and feel the beat
Take a step closer, my lap is your seat 
I'll kiss your cheek and move your hair
You'll look at me, and I'll feel your stare
Look at each other and grasp the moment
Let the feelings inside no more be dormant
I'll move in closer let our noses touch
Lean my head a little, but not to much
Feel your breath pass on my lips
Until our heads, each one dips
Our love is measured by grains of the beach
By the distance that the sun can only reach
Let me close I'll give you my all
Stand there close for when you fall