Written by: Rebecca Berezin

Would you have a look of awe on your face
If when I ran, the winds went with me in a race
Would you  smile happily
If when I jumped into the sky, the whole world passed me by
If I closed my eyes
Would you still hold my smiling face in your mind
If I look into the sunset, would you care if you had to hold my hand from behind
Because the stars are looking so bright
I'd rather see the sun
But, when I run the stars lead me
So, if the moonlight mist came and blew me away
Would you reach out and pull me back?
Or would you let me fly away, so I can reach my dreams
If I yelled into the clouds and a bird took me away
Would you climb a tree and look after me
Or would you look all night and day
Follow every sunset and rainbow
Until you found me, dried my tears and took me home
Because ten million miles is too high too jump alone
And four thousand miles is too far too run with out knowing you'll be safe at home