Don't look back

Written by: Jordan Dickinson

Can anyone live a day like this?
Away from your side one day to long
Gaps in my memory I start to miss
Sang today our first love song

Oh baby give me your fears
Your strong man I will be

Give me your hand I'll take you away
We'll leave this town and never come back
To the sound of the road our love will sway
This time love won't dress in black

Oh baby give me one more day
To show my loves won't lack

So how can I live a single day
Away from your side it's all to long
When gaps in my memory I start to miss
So today lets sing our next love song

Now baby let me be your strong man
Give me your fears, I have a plan

Please give me your hand, I'll take you away
Now lets start tonight and we will not lack
To the sound of our love the world will sway
And this time baby now don't look back