Written by: Andrew Crisci

Tuesday may bring rain to evoke the helplessness and disdain
of a mourner whose tears flow down a windowpane...
remembering the heart-wrenching image of two towers that tumbled;
and while sirens wailed, a warm September day turned cold!

Lovely roses were the flowers they loved the most,  
and visualizing the beautiful days before disaster stroke:
weren't they meant to enhance their devoted spirit...
when hope was the joy they clung to strengthening their grit?

Tuesday may bring rain,
keeping the bluejays and robins away...
will a fiddle or violin play,
as their sad sound is being muffled by a train? 

Their children have become lonely teens,
holding inside an inconsolable pain that must be released through music and tears;
see their smiles as when they were alive and thrived
in a great city which was never attacked by an enemy who tried to shatter their pride!

Tuesday may bring rain, letting sorrow begin 
by remembering that heart-wrenching scene! 

Dedicated to the September 11 Victims