Memory as Weeping Willow

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

   "Memory as Weeping Willow"

tears tumble upon ashen face
cascading as icicles 
on a frosty Winter's day
frozen in motion 
from grieving emotion
broken pieces scattering
of a shattered heart
as ornamental glass granulates
sorrow surrounds a torn life
as a maze of withered grass
thirsting for droplets of rain
to quench and soothe
as an umbrella of comfort ...

a tiny white casket
fragile as a rainbow
lowered beneath moist soil
as a garden of love
to nourishe the sad ground
laid to repose in immortal tomb
in blue velvet frock
embracing a new baby angel
as God enfolds His own creation
as a precious gem  ...

as still ocean waters kiss
like lovers on a sandy shore
with caressing  
entwined as tree branches
at first sign of Spring
withered dreams fade 
into the earthly dust
as a parched desert
wallowing in ashes
as a Mother grieves,  sobbing
for a lost child
as a womb unable to yield fruit ...

life has ended for two souls
as a sinner refuses to forgive
as a breath, stifled,
a marked grave in remembrance
with a cross asking "Why"?
an answer, unspoken,
as a silent interlude of prayer
seeks to understand 
this tragic death
quiet thoughts 
as a dagger thrust ...

... a haunting memory as weeping willow ...

*For Catie Lindsey's Contest Metaphorically Speaking