Look Up, Look Around

Written by: Joyce Johnson

An eagle sits in the cedar,
Another is soaring nearby.
If he hadn't called I'd have missed them.
I just wouldn't look that high.

A rufous towhee is searching
For seed that's been spilled on the ground.
A refilled feeder awaits him,
If he'd take a good look around.

How often we miss God's treasures
Just because we don't raise our eyes.
By keeping our narrow focus
We blunder and miss the prize.

We go through our lives with blinders,
Not seeing the glorious view,
Nor appreciating His wonders,
While our selfish ways we pursue.

A rainbow after the rainstorm,
Is worth living through rainy days.
Just lift your eyes from the puddles.
His benevolence will truly amaze.

By: Joyce Johnson 2001