Written by: Tom Larrow

When I was young, seems everything intrigued
From the morning sun, to the evening breeze
Whether, working the farm, till I was fatigued
or learning the secrets of earth, like genetic disease

My journey in life, took many turns and twists
forming my opinions, of how life is best lived
preserve the earth, so children know what exists
Free to walk, see and learn concepts, yet derived

I see children as the wealth, to guard and preserve
Think of others not oneself, a better man will emerge
False idols say, follow the path to the federal reserve
If silver or gold is wealth, this curse you can't purge

Teach all our children, to learn from their elders advice,
before, deciding their path or worth, know the price

Contest entry for:
"If I didn't think what I think, here's what I'd think"