Like A Folded Rose

Written by: Broken Wings

I am incredibility inner today, like a folded rose, metaphorically speaking I am totally dwelling within . . . the world moving outside of me lost within my own reverie I have come to the art gallery where I can lose myself on the patio I am reading and writing the warm sun is caressing me the breeze stroking me silence embraces my body I am safe within my loneliness the world is far away Until . . . some people arrive, noisily clinking of forks and stench of food slurping noises . . . the stillness, peacefulness a thing of the past my refuge has been destroyed I want to run in my disgust Now, lost within the world of Old Masters I roam the corridors of the gallery, alone and I dwell within the folded rose . . . September 8, 2012 Free Verse