Weather Forecast, Rain

Written by: Broken Wings

The drumming of rain and tapping of raindrops Booming thunder, swishing, splashing of cars Cleansing of the city, the distant rolling Power and anger of a rain storm Weather forecast, rain Wet foliage, the call of birds chirping melodies The hum and constant dripping of the storm Candlelight within my dwelling, flickering The dripping, dripping, dripping Weather forecast, rain The hush of fading raindrops, the gentleness Peacefulness and tranquility within me Hypnotizing rain, rain, rain falling The sweet smell of the city Weather forecast, rain The calmness envelopes my soul and mind A purring, soft cat sleeps on my lap Steaming cup of chocolate cafe Stillness of rain, beautiful Weather forecast, rain Written September 8, 2012 For the contest, Weather Forecast Sponsored by, Joy Wellington