Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Halloween The night grows eerily dark on Halloween The wind begins to chant in its constant howl The leaves brush up against the gravel on the streets Greeting mysterious shadows on the prowl The moon only gives enough light to see the darkness ahead As branches on the trees become skeletal hands grasping towards your way All you wanted was to trick or treat and get your favorite candy instead But Halloween is filled with only tricks and games to play The night suddenly grows a chill going down your spine Leaving you with a sense of doom Instantly you hear an evil laugh from behind It’s an evil witch flying with her broom You dodge towards your house as your heart begins to pound As she chases after you with her eerie grin Candy you received, you threw frantically on the ground With desperation and fear you quickly try to open the door but something is wrong with its hinge You turn around and begin to scream Knowing that the witch just turned you into a frog So now on every Halloween Everyone in town can hear you chirping through the eerie fog