Written by: Yesha Shah

God sent us all on a ride with return tickets Fun filled adventure on this roller coaster earthly park Shady trees, tender blooms and some thorny thickets Smooth sailing waters, some stormy seas with circling sharks. He created vivid illusions of bright and dark, day and night These special zones for work, fun and rejuvenating rest Love, joy and happiness peppered with some sorrow and fright Makes us cherish and value our unique gifts best. He landscaped us meadows, valleys and dense forests The thrill of each terrain, the beauty of each experience As we brave strong currents and conquer snowy mountain crests We maneouvre our way through deserts discovering life's brilliance. He equips us for the highs and lows, at every turn ups and downs Shields us with the calm canopy of stars when its scalding torrid Replaces cheery smiles on our faces, wiping grumpy frowns Shines his warm sun rays on us in times, stark and frigid. Lets gear up for this adventure and come out trumps Fate keeps playing his idyllic game of hide and seek Hold my hand, we'd clear this marsh with one long jump To beat destiny at its own game with a cheeky trick!