Untitled Visions

Written by: jim joyce

The cold clear water lapped 
against tall green grass
from lakes filled with bass 
and  red and black robins
 stand splashing their backs
 Among green waving ferns
 lying on the sandy bottoms 
 As mists gently tiptoe through
 on silent feet  in early Autumn

 Bright yellow dandelions
 and white daffodils dot the wilds
And fragrances of wild rose drifts across the fields
 Puffy white clouds hurry by in reply
A shiny red apple hangs alone in the sky

Three girls lay white in the sand 
And snow lands gently on  feet and hands 
Brushed by the wind it wanders thru the night 
And each one arrives clean and bright
Red ripe strawberries snuggle against bright green nests 
While lazy white rabbits and big black owls rest 
Orange  and gold leaves float serenely by 
Tracing patterns in the fading twilight 
And still three girls lay white in the sand