Life Goes By

Written by: jim joyce

The tide runs high and  life keeps drifting by  
 The sad faces walk by, never saying hi , 
strolling  to the rhythms of the times
their lows and highs , recorded by mans  hasty replies
Saying goodbye to life’s dreams
 as the tide swings slowly to and fro’
 realizing the highs have all passed them by,
never waking to see the lows 

Working all the day long , the dreary stuff slides by 
Bend to the task , chained  to the life that never smiles 
Sad times all the day long , wasting our life away 
Frowns and moans all the day long , never giving a smile for the work goes on 
You own me and that’s the truth of it , from birth to death 
Working my life away 

Where do we go from here 
Melancholic bliss settles in 
 life’s fateful kiss grasps your soul  keeping your dreams alive
There’s always hope, she replies, as it flies out the window 
On gossamer wings of steel an wire 
Reality is here and now it is time to say good bye