Written by: nishi malhotra

It was merely a planet of words
a world of fervor that ignited the slightest spin
All the expressions you whispered to me,
That seemed to be so true.
Were nothing but uncaring assurances,
Surprised I was to hear them from you
They seemed so real and true pledging my soul
to the candidness of the sufferings of love
The worship seemed a beautiful dream
The conviction apparently was a pastime

The look in your eyes, the unusual bliss
The gestures of warmth, the captivating touch
Were but a optical illusion, I should have looked through
The heart knew yet was not wanting to believe
That it was a mere deliberate proceed
Deep inside the sensitivity knew, that it was a mere trick
I was just another ingredient to the lighter meals you made
just another trophy to add to your list of cheated hearts.
I wonder why I still think about you,
After all your shunnings and sickly slippery words.
I think its because a desolated heart was made to feel
like a special lass.
I thought you cared, and that I was the only one.
Sad, it found its end with the territory all unclear.
Madness knew no bounds, yet it was a beautiful illusion, till it lasted
I know, I will never forget you nor will I ever mourn the end
I will always remember you in my years to come
Until my eternal good-bye to succumb to the end.