The Window

Written by: jim joyce

The girl in the window  passes by
 Peeking out from behind the curtains as our world goes by 
so I sit and watch ,and sometimes sigh 
A fleeting glimpse of crimson  and yellow 
 long black hair , dresses of silk and pearls and a tiny cello
Thru the morning dew and  frost at night 
Dark clouds go floating by and still I watch as she passes by 
Pitter patter in the rain I sit and watch thru her window pane
Watching the world pass us by

Thru the window we sometimes speak 
Whispering tender things  thru the night
While urgent sweet moments keep our hopes alive  
 I say nothing  when  I get shy and time slips quietly by 
She is happy  to see me yet still we cry  
We are separated by this space, for no matter what the  reply, 
If we reach out,  we can  never touch 
Although we say we love each other very much
 We sleep the dreams of contentment and peace
Dreams are made of wishes and fairy dust
So we sit and watch each  other thru the window pane 
 life goes by and sometimes I just sit and sigh and still the window  remains