Red Skies at Night

Written by: jim joyce

A gift  from above the earth holds only peace and love 
It has nurtured us for countless years and now it is done 
We have misused her and she can do no more   
 The time of purification is at hand and now it is time to run 
The signal will begin for  three days and three  nights, we will all have to pay the price
The skies will bleed red, the run to wilderness will be led 
By the children of the earth and others all in harmony with the mother

Like a thunderbolt  from on high the sky will turn its cheeks to blood , 
saying its final good bye, and all will be said and done
For Three days and  nights the world will watch and wonder,
As the skies turn pure red in storm and thunder, 
Ending man’s  reign the skies will carry their deadly flood and put nature asunder
The suns deadly storm s will pass overhead
Men will turn to science to fight the cause and to be led
But Nature replies,  it is my last goodbye 
Now is  the time to pay for your sins 
Now is the  time and  together we all will cry 

 A signal from the great beyond, the days of evil will be at hand 
The final glory of man before the fall of the land
The world will watch in fear and awe, and  wonder what went wrong
For Three days and  nights the skies will bleed 
The  prophesy  foretold the beginning of the end 
 three days that will shake the world and its seed
 Proclaiming the final warning , the final goodbye
You have mistreated the earth and the time has passed you by..
 Mans time will fly and natures only reply
A last goodbye will be the only reply