Written by: Frank Scott

Swooped down as plundering hordes
Waving bloodied razor-edged swords
Angry waves in billowy swell
Questing to conquer Heart's citadel.

Virtue took heels and vanished from the Room
Anger deflated instantly as a pricked balloon
Courage stood his ground, eyes clashing steel
'No surrender' he cried, only weaklings and cowards yeild.

Mercy recoiled in horror as blood flowed inky red
Forgiveness dispatched emmissaries pleading to stop the bloodshed
Desperate, the Invader felt the thorns of defeat in his side
Switched colour as the chameleon flashing a charming smile.

Conjuring up memories clad in sensuous attire
Stroking cold embers of an old burnt- out fire
But zealous Captain who once perched on the Traitor's breast
Imprisoned Mercy and beheaded Forgiveness.