LIKE THE BEST WINE (A Tribute To All Women)

Written by: John Boak

Woman, woman, God's creation so divine
You can truly make a man's life so fine
You make the world bright cause you really shine
Of God's love to mankind you are the sign

You nourish the world with your love
And for you we thank the heaven above
You are everything good that this earth is made of
Sweet and gentle yet tough when push comes to shove

There is no job harder in this world but thine
You deserve to be built a shrine
So as you grow older please do not whine
You get better with age  just like the best wine

I think that women are the most beautiful among God's creation and I believe that 
behind every man's downfall and success is a woman. I have been raised by 
women and all that I achieve at the present time I do with the help and inspiration 
of one very special lady. To all women in the world I salute and thank you-JEB