A Teacher

Written by: Dustin Self

The old saying goes that knowledge is power.
So who should we thank at this very hour?
Are some people born with natural smarts,
or do they just work hard right from the start?

But for me, I think it's not that at all,
For I think it's those we see in the hall.
That one who stands in front of a class,
pushing and pushing you until you can pass.
Molding and shaping you just like some clay,
They work so hard for you everyday.

For all they want is for you to succeed,
trying their best to plant a good seed.
So now you're all grown up and turned out quite smart,
but do you still remember who was there at your start?
Do you remember the one on your first day of school,
The person who gave you your first set of tools?
Tools that you've used along your way,
tools that you still use today.

How about that person whose class was exciting?
Not to mention the one who had creative writing.
How about the one who taught you to bake,
now you make millions selling your cakes.
You once took an ag class just as a joke,
but that garden looks good now that your broke.

So who should you thank for all your fortune and fame?
A school's where they work- a teachers their name.