Written by: LIfe Taken The Wrong Way

Why is life so unfair?
Why do people not care?
Why do people leave others hurt?
Then found crying in the dirt?
Why doesn't the world just realize,
that they must see through another's eyes?
Why do people just have to be...
So determined to break and shatter me?
Why can't i forget the dreadful times
expressed in journals, songs, and rhymes?
my thoughts, they ask to be happy now
but bad ones bring sweat to my brow
Why do friends turn their backs when you need them most?
they treat you like a piece of stale, buttered toast
but they turn around and claim they love you so 
then they scream and tell you to go
They always have someone better 
and your left reading another pointless letter 
crying alone because no one cares
leaving you saying your prayers
hoping one day you'll be free 
from this life of misery

with help from juli michelle