Your Grandson

Written by: jon terry

Our Families all done great things

Such deeds to make you proud

But I've always been the black sheep

That stands out in our crowd

I've took too many chances

And swam the seven seas

While all our clan grew businesses

Gained wealth and PHD's

But you'll never hear a bad word spoken

For all the things that I have done

As you love to hear the tales

Of me reaching for the sun

You never once have judged me

When I choose a different path

Cause your eyes shine when I'm with you

And I always make you laugh

Your the first to scream for justice

When my sky is falling down

For you know there is a difference

Between wild and a clown

I'm the black sheep of the family

But still your heart I've won

As I measure all of my sucess

By being your Grandson