Written by: Owen Yeates

Are you the one who procrastinates, or is it just me
I often like to put of what I know just has to be
I would like to do things that need to be done
But every day I always find that the sloth in me has won

Would it not be fun if the jobs just did there selves
Or if the shelves I needed were put up by some elves
What about the garden I could cover it in gin
Then it would come up half cut would that be a sin

What about the car it needs a wash and wax
But my aching body I don’t want to over tax
What about the fencing it needs a lick of paint
Once I start to do it I’m sure that I will feint

As for the washing the machine is on the fritz
The thought of hand washing just leaves me in bits
My wife Want me to cook some pork
I want a wine but can’t pull the cork

If I procrastinate today tomorrow soon will come my way
With other jobs that must hold sway
Then in the turmoil I will drown
Procrastinate and wear a frown