Please Remember

Written by: Gale Greenwood

Do you remember that first moment when the world 
came to meet us in the grandest way?
It was pure joy that was felt in that splendid ere long
	under the sun’s ray.
New contentment within was the expression found.
The experience was deep with a heart swelling
	somewhat tentative no less profound.

Grab it and hold on to it keep it in the front
	of our minds.
When time travels on we all eventually encounter
	a stumble in our strides.
But that first true thought will give us the strength
	the grit to continue on.
It is the bridge that will help us cross the deep rivers
	where our paths sometimes leads us upon.

Do you remember the day when you found the courage
	to live the life you dreamed?
A space you had carved out under spirits light
	where you felt redeemed.
The creation realized came from your own inner thew.
It wasn’t from another’s light but a discovered inner delight
	and away you flew.