Celestial Date in Space

Written by: Debra Squyres

Twas it happenchance or divine intervention that brought us to this place, this time this plane of purest desire we share…. Just north of the moon, past the fourth star crossing over Orion’s belt we soared… entwined, likeminded, and very much inclined in our sincerest direction. Meet we now, on this date, blessed and anointed for this journey and those ahead. Hear now the celestial bodies herald, with reverence, the brilliance of light this joining has shed, as we swirled together near the presence of the masters design. Two spirit filled, enlightened souls lead by faith, alight in words of hope spiraling together near the visions of ancient worlds and beings caught now in time and space…. sheer energies of enlightenment. How bless we are to join this gathering, as we dance in our celestial trance amidst the wisdoms of past worlds. By: Debra Squyres