The First Heartbreak

Written by: Mohini Seejattan

Meet them once.
They stare at you.
Meet them twice.
They talk to you.
Meet them three times.
They ask for your number.
He texts, he calls.
Every morning, every night.
He says those three little words,
almost all the time:
''I love you".
Does he mean it? Maybe.
Until your best friends,
Burst your bubble.
''He's cheating on you," they say.
But I don't believe them,
Until I see it for myself.
I cried for days on end Never to feel comforted.
Never replied to any texts...
I did the hardest thing ever, 
I broe up with him.
He was lost for a while, 
Not nowing why,
until I told him what I knew.
He was flustered and annoyed,
But was ashamed by what he did,
Yes it is hard,
to get over your first love,
Even harder,
to get over your first heartbreak,
but your friends are there,
through thick and thin,
Supporting you,
Until the very end.