Castles In A Sky

Written by: Rebecca Berezin

Stuck in the clouds
Seeing ourselves living the lives we think we deserve
Every time we close our eyes
We paint ourselves new castle in the sky

"Dreams are the one thing we are given for free"
We tell ourselves
"Maybe it's our destiny"
We tell ourselves
"That should have been me"
You know you will tell yourself

Stuck in the clouds
Stuck in the earth
Castles in the sky, painted on greed
Hopes and dreams, built on need

We all want to bring our castles a little bit lower
A little bit closer, a little bit clearer

But when you are stuck in the clouds
Seeing yourself living the life you think you deserve
Closing your eyes
And painting a new castle in the sky

What if it all did come true?
What if all the castles fell a little bit lower
A little bit closer, they made things a little bit clearer?

Would you really have your hopes and dreams come true?
Or would your castles mirror you.