breif encouter

Written by: david scott

 I remember when I met this girl while I was stuck in the train station
 Even if it was a brief encouter and we only made little conversation
 I could'nt help notice her checking me out from the corner of my eye
 And yeah there's me again in doubt , trying I was not to look so shy

 She said you know I think further up the line, a train has broken down
 And here I am again stuck in the rain, yeah I'm in some other town
 I was hoping transport would arrive soon, but it did not look so great
 I thought as I could still see the moon, so I guess that it must be late

 You never exspect the unexspected, I hoped it would go some where
 Just the feeling of being rejected, I thought she liked me by her stare
 I thought she's having me on, as she was beyond the looks of a star
 I'm thinking she's already seeing someone, that guy with the top car

I'm the kind who thinks, already I'm aprohensive while in her presence
If we went out she'd have you buy all the drinks and exspensive presents
To some she was not beautifull, but is beauty not in the eye of the beholder?
If I was king, she'd be queen of my castle, but if this I'd only then told her

But were on the next train and on our way home, we said our good bye's
If I'd half a brain I would'nt be on my own, dose she like soft hearted guys ?
Was she spoken for this girl?, then you know maybe I'd missed the boat 
If I'd been more open on that day?, she could have been my one antidote 

                Written in memorie of a girl I met one saturday evening
        Back in oct(2003) inspierd by events and conversations/ written(2004)