let your spirit fly

Written by: louis rams


Let us take our spirits that we have inside
And join with others so that they may fly
Let us become united as one  and accept
Our GODS son.

You do not have to be Christian to accept
What I say . 
But looking to GOD is what I pray.

We all know GOD in our hearts
For he is life, so let’s not tear ourselves apart.
We have all seen or felt that spirit rise
It is something we can’t deny.

He is with us where ever we go
And this much we all know.
He is the giver of life
The redeemer of death as we lie
In our bed.

Everything that we have
Everything that we’ve become
If not controlled by another one
Was given to us from the LORD
Above, because of his everlasting love.

Let your spirit fly high above yourself
And look to see what he has given,
Isn’t this life really worth living?

  The sun , the moon, the stars above
All part of his love.
The trees, the breeze, the gentleness of the grass
These are things that will last
The oceans, the rivers, the brooks and streams
And the mountains that stand in between.
All the creatures that walk and crawl
And swim this earth
From GOD they was given birth.

The birds that fly in the air
And the beauties that they share
The butterflies and the bees
All live in harmony.

As your spirit is seeing all this
And all of his creations
Why would you doubt that he
Is our salvation.

Let your spirit fly and join all the others
For we was created as sisters and brothers.