the time

Written by: debbie hernandez

the time of us is ending
i can feel it in your kiss
we have loved each other for so long
to have it ending just like this
i cant believe after all these years
your love for me is gone

i feel it in my heart 
as i wait for you to go
and i know i will survive
and i still love you so

you came back from your country
as you have the last few years
but each time that you come back
you never are the same
it,s your love  for me you lack
and i dont know who,s to blame

but dont worry i,ll be strong
like i always have been
but you cntinue to lie to me
and you feel guilty 
because your wrong

it wont take long 
for me to get back up and fight
it was you who did us wrong
i,ll be the one who sleeps at night