The Journey

Written by: Deepak Ahuja

Feet, tired and bleeding,
Stopped to live, yet breathing,
My coordinates have long gone untraceable,
Strength shattered, but dreams stand unbreakable,
So where this Journey does takes me?
A part of mine, from which it separates me,

Less different from me, than similar,
I met people on the way, who felt familiar,
A different name for their God, but faith synonymous,
Winning the wars for their identity, still anonymous,
So long; this odyssey continues to unwind,
I hope to meet a God, with no religious tags to bind,

Amidst those seas, lies the Twilight;
Illuminates my arena for the next fight;
Explains this Path underneath; may not always be earth,
As to meet the horizon, travelling on the waves shall be worth,
Beyond this voyage, I wonder if I’ll see something through;
Lest this Ocean, if I’ll ever get lost in something blue;

A million miles in question, and yet an unanswered urge;
Where this mighty Ocean sinks, my desires continue to surge,
And when the water denies my thirst of its satisfaction,
I look for the Sun, to fire the desire in me for my resurrection,
The quest to wander, grows me wings to fly,
Just as I aspire to burn, even if a second Sun in the sky,

This endless crusade of insanity,
Is just a milestone of my vanity,
The nomad running away from his earlier versions,
Has travelled beyond universes, and across dimensions,
Determined by a cause, or a random event of desperation,
The intent, to move on, has set this Journey as my destination.