imagine this

Written by: louis rams


Try to imagine and visualize if every household
In  n. y. c. was to light and hold up a candle
How bright that would be ?
Now imagine every town in the united states
And every city doing the same thing.
How much brighter that would be.

Now imagine every country joining in
With every household doing the same.
It would be trillions of people holding
Up a candle - it would be as bright or even 
Brighter than the sun in the sky
And that’s because everyone was willing to try.

Now if - and that IF is quite big 
Everyone that held that candle 
Raised their voices for peace
For love of one another, and treated
Each other like sisters and brothers.

Imagine how it would spread
Like a wildfire out of control
And from one person to another
it would be told.
If we must fight - let us fight for peace
Let us fight to stamp out hunger
Then human trafficking in slavery
And abuse of every kind, verbal
And physical.

This is the war that we should be in
Because these are the wars that
We can’t seem to win.
After this all the rest of the worlds 
Problems will fall into place
And you will see a much happier face.