Written by: HENRY DATUBO

I’ve been to many places
Seen so many faces
All in less than just a million paces.
I found you when I was young
Knowing you, made me strong.
You were the beginning of my fantasies, 
The picture of my future, dream and true smile.
Was it really you? 
The creamy, silky, hazel-eyed beauty.
Your charming smiles and steady walk makes my heart talk.
How far apart can we be? 
‘Cos I can’t stop thinking.
Was it really you? 
The one that cries when I’m blue.
You pick me up when I fall and shade me from the sun.
Can’t wait to call you mine, can’t wait to walk down the isle-
With you and only you- my Valentine.
Was it really you? 
‘Cos I can’t stop searching till I find.
Was it really you? 
‘Cos our love is written in the stars.
Will it be you, my Valerie?