Night Spell

Written by: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

I am alone but never lonely in the night. Dusk beckons from the garden. Oh, night, sweet night of mine! My bruises fade into the ebony sky, camouflaged in twilight... Hideous scars are obtrusive in daylight. I shun the blinding sun. I despise the white, hot spotlight. Under clear azure skies, where can I hide? Night shelters from all I am and all I can never be. Yes, you understand me... The darkness is a quilt sewn by God's own hands. My security blanket, a comfort falling from grace. Jasmine explodes as I stroll through the misty air of night. I walk in solitude and dine on the celestial confections in the delight of wakening blooms. I dance through their showering reflections. I am queen of the imperial sky! I reach for the glass slipper drifting nigh. Yes, you know me... Velvet robes cascade over my bare skin like mountain streams. Gentle hands stroke the nape of my neck, the feeling familiar yet thrilling. I am alive and reborn in starlight! Moonshadows play peek-a-boo like mischievous children. My playmates, do not abandon me. Your laughter is my serenity. Crickets serenade from swaying grasses. I am uninhibited under their spell. The winds drape me in their tender silence, never loosening their grasp in my dreams of contentment. Yes, you feel me... I am parched...Oh night, you quench my thirst with your succulent nectar! On the cusp of midnight, the ripening fruit clings to the vine. I taste the exotic fruit, a glorious surprise! I run wild from daybreak, my desire cannot be tamed. My thoughts cannot be coerced or contained. I am free under the twinkling, watchful eyes of the sky. Yes, you see me... The night bursts forth invading my soul as I bathe, drenched in blossoming jasmine. If I am dreaming, never wake me from my starry night to plummet to a waiting reality, a reality I may never know, never understand.