Erotica, What is it

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Erotica what is it? I'm not sure what it means
Is it something for sensual pleasure?
Or is it something in my dreams?
Is it perspiration glistening, on a manly chest?
Or rivulets of perspiration,running between my breasts?
Is it lying on a beach somewhere when our bodies meet as one?
With waves crashing rhythmically, a thrust with every one?
Is it when he runs his hand down my body, with such a careful touch?
Hardly touching my skin at all, but still it burns so much.

The glistening of thigh, that catches the eye just briefly.
Or the décolleté so smooth and soft his lips caress so sweetly.
Lying on the riverside this handsome bloke of mine
Regaining control of gasping breath with tingles down the spine.
The dampness I feel on his back as my arms do surround
The holding of breath, just for a while as we lay down on the ground.
The tenderness and trembling I can feel the weight of him
But he is not heavy and I welcome the feel of skin.

The six pack stomach so smooth and tanned
The cupping of my breast in his large hands
The sweet caress that sets me on fire
The look in his eyes so strong with desire
The turn of a page, I want to see more
When will it be my turn this man to adore?

July 2011