Shut Up

Written by: Juliett Green

So shut up 
while I carve out your heart 
with this spoon in my hand
'cause now you're mine; 
so get over yourself 
You priceless prostituted attention seeker
I'll give you want you want
So shut up

Everyone will know you 
from the News tomorrow
as the kid with some dreams to follow
who got brutally murdered down
This is what you wanted
So shut up

Let me see those red lips of yours
against the wall
No worries; I'll leave you 
after I'm done
laying in a pool of blood all swollen
I gave you  what you wanted
So shut the f*ck up

It was your own fault 
from the beginning 
you just couldn't stop
your ugly red mouth
from blabbering non-stop
All you had to do
was to just shut up

Now I've made you.
You have now shut up.