Blood on the Ballot

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

No body wants to hear it,
See it, feel it or be near it.
Even the picture of an aborted fetus;
Where would that reality lead us?

But what if we saw it every day?
Those horrors our babies must pay…
so convenience, lust and greed can survive.
Could we watch these babies filleted alive?
Or …would we think ourselves as humanely magnificent,
If instead, we poisoned them with an abortifacient?

Nobody wants to hear it
See it feel it or be near it,

Even the picture of an aborted little person
causes our anxiety to worsen.
Oh horrors! The shame of it all!
Who put that picture on the wall?

Who had the audacity to open that door?!..
to factually show me what I’m voting for!
Their blood on my ballot is my voice!
Don’t they know it’s a woman’s choice?!

Others of us say, “Take that picture down. Be nice.
Being nice and kind to all will suffice."
But this fall in the privacy of the voting booth,
These same nice folks will get real long in the tooth.

We will pretend our “choice” ballot doesn’t matter,
causing a baby’s blood to splatter….
Then go home and act real nice,
After all … won’t that suffice?

written by 
Robert A. Dufresne
Sept 2, 2012