Written by: nilofar shaikh

See his work and one will know what is perfection,
See him walking and one will learn how to keep going,
See him talking and one will understand what it is to be polite,
See his life and one will recognize what is simplicity!

Some people are good, Some are great,
Some are called gold too,
But if he has to be counted anywhere,
He has to be put in the 24 karat category,
Not less than that, else it wont be fair!

He might not be a Celebrity,
But his deeds have gained him a lot of popularity!
He is never tired and hardly says ‘No’,
Always so energetic and ready on his toe,

Ever since I entered this family,
It is him, first, on whom I rely undoubtedly!
He helps everyone in whatever way he can,
He is therefore an ideal man!

Now on his 58th birthday, which is really very significant,
For Retirement is a lifetime achievement!
It’s time to pay tribute to a man who ‘loves and cares’ with no expectations,
He is certainly an epitome of 'commitment' and 'patience'!