Life Is A Dance

Written by: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

With you, life's a dance to the music of time;
lilting and lifting, ethereal steps fly.
I lay my head on your chest, beating sublime,
calmed by your presence under a stormy sky.
In your ear, I whisper my sorrows and cares.
One touch transmits an energy and my prayers
are steps danced to music weaved through silence
fused in song; notes conducted as dreams commence .

Our steps unite in starlight, gliding as one.
Mine are cautious and pensive; yours, more daring, 
more bold. Bodies meld into one shape, undone
puzzles misplaced, mistakes forgiven. Baring
all, no secrets untold. Your arms empower;
you are my wailing wall, my strength, my tower.
As you lead me, we dance through celebrations,
through trials, steps refined despite trepidations.