Daydreams and Ballerina's

Written by: Rachel Peysakhova

Daydreams feed on your wishes and what you long for, 
and they make it come true. 
You need to believe in your imagination. 
You need to be able to live in a world of cupcakes and gum drops and people with sparkly wings. 
The colors of the rainbow should be as bright as your mind, 
and hour glasses should stop,
letting you enjoy the moments that pass. 
Paint ballerina's on the canvas of your dreams, 
and follow their rhythm, 
for they walk like a dream. 
Roses crawl up their legs and flowers fall into their hair.
With a dreamcatcher above their head,
They twirl and twirl until they're at sea.
The blue water sparkles and gleams off the stars in the sky.
Bell's jingle and weaving's fade,
for your nightmares are being erased.
Just close your eyes and feel,
What does your heart desire most?