Written by: Gale Greenwood

A chord, not unkind,
resonates permeates
within my spirit.
I blend with this vibration
shaking quaking with desire
while each note takes me higher
to the sun drifting low in the sky.
Under the pink and reds of sunset do I stand.
Attentive to each stroke you land.
Right on cue.
I laugh in delight
to gaze out at the world anew.
Breathing the fresh air,
I listen to the birds croon,
while the leaves sway to the tune.

Glorious earth!
Filled with such abundance,
Life flowing
dancing, growing up under us.
The ocean plays the strings,
music to my soul,
my heart sings.
I wonder why
anyone would cry
unless they didn’t hear
life’s great chorus
as love draws near.
Nothing should I fear.

Until the dark sky
blocked the distant light.
All turned quiet.
I couldn’t breathe.
I began to drift too deep
forgetting the chord
falling asleep.

Forever should I have remained
unadorned, unsung,
locked up tight.
But for the distant melody
heard one night in my dreams.
I found company
and I was led to be free.

So many reasons I have to adore
hearing his music
his vibrational chord.
Out loud, up high,
standing tall, he played.
Patiently waiting
peacefully playing
reaching further
than others kneeling.

Should I not love such strength
guiding me
loving me
playing my life on a fiddle
whittling away the rough edges
revealing a riddle
maybe a middle
road or path to take?

Yes, this is the chord that vibrates.
Life’s about loving
all for one one for the other.
The chord that I play
follows this song.
And as I stand under the sky,
this time it’s dawn,
violet hues appear above my head.
I feel strong.
And, all I can do,
is play my song
and love who comes along.
Gale Lynne