Written by: Vin Lauren Dagoy

Every sunrise as I sit on my porch with my coffee
I’m constantly thinking about this fine and  beautiful lady
Pondering if she’ll ever be with me
Because that’s one thing I can’t foresee
Thinking on ways on how to talk to her
Lands me on asking advice from my father
He said, just tell her she’s like no other
And that love is the only entity you can offer
I cleared my throat and spoke to you
If I mess this up, I know I can’t undo
I had butterflies in my stomach, that’s so true
But then again I just wanted you to know that I love you
And under the night sky and beautiful stars
We yakked and yakked for hours
And I was wondering if the time was already ours
Or would it just leave me with just another scar
Nevertheless, I’m indomitable enough to win your heart
And I can’t stand, you and I apart
And pardon me if I’m going to fast
But you’re the one that makes my heart beat
I didn’t want the day to end
And no more, I will pretend
Hoping that you and I will be more than friends
And I hope this feeling transcends
So, fine lady, give me your hand and let’s dance
And give this feeling a chance.