True Love Part 3

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

True love must be nurtured if it is to thrive
It is caring about the others dreams and desires
It is acknowledge the other and being proud to do so
Not only with words but a with a total giving of the inner self

It is accepting unconditionally the others needs and pain
Being there through any storm or hurricane
Forgiving all and moving forward hand in hand
It is understanding differences and finding solutions

True love thrives both in dark and light, sunshine and storm
It is tolerance, forgiveness and true companionship
It is not clinging like a vine, but it is also needing and giving
Recognizing the worth of what is shared, flying ever upwards.

True love states only the truth, and cherishes the bond that holds
True love is honest, it never ever cheats, lies or represses
It allows no time for jealousy, criticism, doubt or question
True love is the safe haven in this very tumultuous world.