A Tribute to Neil Alden Armstrong

Written by: Terrell Martin

The end of an era has come and gone  
Right before our eyes;
With the man who first stepped on the moon 
Having said his last goodbyes.
While tens of thousands of engineers, 
Scientists and lovers of space
Helped lift him up and get him there,
No one else can take his place.  
From his childhood to the final countdown; 
Separation to “The Eagle has landed,”
There was something unique about Neil Armstrong 
Who never once felt lost or stranded.
While planting America’s Stars and Stripes
And walking in lunar dust,
Not hardly for himself alone 
But for every one of us.  
Seemingly, so long ago
But then again, not long at all;
America never felt so good
And we all walked ten feet tall.
When Neil returned 
The fires burned inside our homes and hearts;
As the promise of a new age dawned            
We believed in a brand new start.  
From earth to sky we’d learned to fly    
And Neil Armstrong took us there;
First of his kind to sail through time 
And walk where no one else dared.
The end of an era has come at last 
As time and history march on;
And some men’s marks are made to last 
Not least of all, Neil Armstrong’s.