Hidden Interior

Written by: Marianne Nolido

Everyone thinks, it's all there is.
all that's different & special, they miss.
they think there's nothing more to her,
& all their visions are in a blur.

Why can't they see pass her pretty face?
Why not see that she's unique in so many ways?
If only they know she's an art,
then they can fully see her True Heart.

They only see what's outside,
not the Soul that's inside.
They always take advantage of her beauty,
In her eyes, lays the Real Story.

It's the bitter sweet truth,
of this generation, of this years youth.
That's why she's used to people forsaking.
Not knowing her heart is also breaking.

Sometimes she wants to explain,
All her secrets & pain.
If they just show her good Intentions,
Then they'll probably see all Her hidden Interiors.