By Now You Have Forgot' - To Whom It May Concern - Part 1

Written by: Terry O'Leary

…an extended version of an earlier poem

Remember all the Wise Men on their knees upon your yacht?
With orphans on their backs they'd crawled (and others that'd they brought)
Through rubble on the highway sands and residues of Lot.
They came from severed cities selling postcards of your thoughts,
Though offered for a penny piece, not even worth a jot.

They mused 
How are you feeling? What it is you want, you’ve got. The words you scrawl on calling cards: ‘I AM - the others NOT’, Shun wisdom of the seven seas: ‘Salvation can’t be bought' - Your fathers tried before you and your fathers came to naught. You started out by gelding goats and then by casting lots Of bodies to the battlefields, contorted, tight and taut, Then wallowed in the wake of trails the dervish devil trots. With marching bands of fatherlands, and drums of Hottentots, You lure your legions in harm’s way like giant juggernauts. Like Tweedle Dum your minions come (the sober and the sots, The troglodytes, barbarians, and mislead patriots, The Vandals, Huns and Hannibals and seaport Cypriots, The Japanese, the Congolese, Americans and Scots) To vanquish bows and arrows, spears and catapulted shots Of those who hide in bamboo huts their families, pale, distraught, (Their withered wives with dried up breasts, their swollen babes in cots) Who swoon, engulfed in poison darts and vats of acid hot, Consumed by magic mushroom clouds, atomic megawatts. In churches of your deities, your Holy Huguenots, Your Imams, Rabbis, Voodoo Dolls and Mitered Lancelots Lit wicked kindled candled walls in temples (while we fought) (Used pins and needles, magic spells on makeshift mock whatnots) And mosques, cathedrals, synagogues have blessed each new onslaught With prayers for pipers, puppets, pawns, youir rigid, armed robots.
Continued in Part 2…