Written by: Belynda Holst

God shinned his light 
And said you will be a mother 
I have a daughter that is 
beautiful  and kind 
I know I can call on her any 
She is pure and honest In all 
that she does 
And never ask people to make 
a fuss 
She is there when I need her 
And there when I don't 
She has a heart of gold 
That cannot be sold 
To share the love and warmth 
that comes from her heart 
In all that she does we are 
never really apart 
She is such a blessing to have 
in my life 
And has never caused a days 
How blessed am I in so many 
To wake each morning and 
share my days 
I treasure my daughter in more 
ways than one 
And because of her ,I love 
being a mum