The Woman Sira

Written by: carrington marshall

The woman Sira

So, woulds’t Pan entice me
in a land of beauty, known as Umbria.
With silken surround 
radiating a web of utmost magic.
Oh! wondrous creature.

Men to trip and fall liken children,
who in such fairy tale 
upon hearing music, were captivated.
As in Hamelin to be entranced,
to follow blindly to be bewitched.

Oh! how I desired to hold thy hand,
Oh! how I desired to taste thy lips,
just as the wolf, wilt I await?
To watch silently to gather up all mine cunning.

 For you Sira are indeed, a rare gemstone.
 Accustomed to cast away all curious suitors.
 Now Pan didst cast you up,
 and to offer the cup of such delicious amour.

 All wilt pay a price,
 draw back the facade.
 Gaze now at mine armour and vanish
 forever.....  as one.