Time of Love and Late

Written by: Sara Vecchi

Those days are dead and gone.
Arising to new ways and different strays. 
Now is not forever. 
For what is ever? Next to time. 

Mistakes are made and loves are chosen. 
Deep within flesh our souls are broken. 
Can you hear a whisper, a moan, a cry; 
When you see into anothers eyes? 

What beyond faith keeps us alive?  
As darkness sets in light sheds a tear. 
Praying for everlasting life again. 
Begging to be held in loves whim. 

Can love be the true savior? 
Always averting and changing, never stopping for time. 
Behold love can strip away any and all evils. 
All it asks is for your love back. 

When amiss the nakedness of that lonely feeling, 
Brings rains of cold sadness. 
The fear of alone in that circle of love. 
Someday one day the ring will be complete. 
So long as those don't forget, 
As time will fight to bury it away.

Tick tock why does time make a mockery?
A pit of want and of hate,
Rest so enticingly at its breast.  
The arms of love loosen and unwind,
Leaving with a last song of beauty.  
Easing the fall into the darkness.

A prison that keeps the hungry starved,
And the thirsty thirst.
For one last drop.
Each moment passing by slower into oblivion.
Manipulating the sound of loneliness.
So they echo in the anger,
Of all those days that were passed and wasted.