Black Diamond Night

Written by: Dustin Self

As he gazes at the beauty
that lays inside his hand.
He's hoping that she'll love it
'cause it cost more than his land.

He only loves this woman,
so he's hoping she'll accept.
The ring he got his gorgeous
and he just went in debt.

It's the only one he's ever seen
with it's wonder shining black.
He called the bank to get a loan
and they ask if he smoked crack.

He's driving to her house now
while thinking what to say.
He's not thinking about the diamond
or what he had to pay.

He gets there kinda early
to show her his surprise.
What he see's when he pulls up
pains his loving eyes.

He see's his lovely woman
in someone else's truck.
Then he just starts crying
and cussing all his luck.

He walks straight up to them
and she rolls her window down.
She says she doesn't love him
and for him to leave her town.

He's screaming and he's crying
'cause he's mad enough to fight.
The Black Diamond in his pocket.
Oh! What a crappy night.

Dustin Self (Black Diamond Contest)