Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Lips are such funny things
They stop your face from fraying
But they are also powerful things
You get what I am saying…

They can say hello and say goodbye
With just a little touch
A little adjustment is sexy
And you needn’t try too much…

In innocence a kiss on the head
Of the child upon your knee
They are powerful things these lips of ours
We need to use them prop-er-ly…

They can cause skin to tingle
 And makes our bodies glow.
They can even snuff a candle out
With just a little blow.

We use them every day
These lips that are so sweet
We need to control them sometimes
They can make our knees go weak.

They cause tingling in places 
We didn’t know we had
They can look so delicious
 And that isn’t half bad.

Trouble they can bring and hurt
When they leave a mark upon his shirt
These lips of ours are powerful weapons, and use them wisely we must.
Keep on using moisturiser, so they don’t feel like gritty dust

Lips that glisten just as they are kissed
Lips that glow just after
The warmth that spreads from our lips
In joyful united laughter.

So pucker up all you out there
And say what you need to say 
With your lips in kisses or with words
And have a wonderful day.
© ~GG~ 2011